Card Issuing

As authorised representatives of a principal member of MasterCard® Latin America and Caribbean and China UnionPay we can design and manage a card program starting from 10 cards to tens of thousands. Uses include:

  • Internet affiliate payouts

  • International expatriate payrolls

  • Currency exchange businesses

  • Remittance businesses

  • Gift cards

    BIN sponsorship is a low-cost, high-value alternative to joining a card scheme yourself. We can assist with BIN sponsorship. Our implementation process ensures fast onboarding.

    The principal bank and card issuer is North International Bank Limited, St John’s, Antigua SWIFT: NOITAGAG a MasterCard Latin America & Caribbean Principal Member Authorized and Regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission. Mercantile Finance Inc acts in its capacity as external asset and program manager and does not handle client funds.

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